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answers to your questions about Esperanto music [May. 11th, 2003|04:21 pm]
Learning Languages Community


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[music |JoMo - Chu vi volas danci?]


I thought it was best to publish my answers to </a></b></a>amuzulo's poll about Esperanto music (questions for DJ Kunar) in a separate entry.

</a></b></a>n_true asked: "Is there a place where I can actually *download* Esperanto songs which are covered from original English (or German ones)? You already gave me some sites with their texts, but mp3s would be tute frenezaj. :)"

You'll find "Ĉu vi volas danci?" from JoMo at musicexpress.com.br. The original song is called "Do you wanna dance?" (original artist unknown to me). This one's really good!

About a year ago, the Brazilian artist DJ Roger covered "I feel loved" by Depeche Mode, but it does not seem to be available online any longer. You may understand that due to copyright reasons, recording cover versions of famous songs and putting them online is not that popular among Esperanto artists.

Alberta Casey sang an Esperanto version of Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge over Troubled Water". It was available at www.iuma.com but perhaps it has been removed. Nevertheless, it was an older recording that isn't really convincing in our days.

Talking about German songs: Ralph Glomp sings Esperanto versions of German Schlager songs ("Über den Wolken" among others)! You can even purchase a CD from him. If you think that this is not necessarily the only part of the German pop culture we should show the world... well, that's why we founded "La Kuracistoj"!

</a></b></a>relsqui asked: "What's a good place to find some? : )"

If you just want to download some tracks, then check out musicexpress.com.br and choose from 83 songs (at this time). If you, however, are looking for a special band or style, then go to my page about Esperanto music in the internet. It's in Esperanto, but you might understand words like "artisto", "titolo" etc. The main information is compiled in a table, so you don't have to filter the sources out of plain text. If you download the 20 songs I indicated, then you'll have a good collection of Esperanto music showing (nearly) all the different styles.

</a></b></a>ugly_boy asked: "What is the mother tongue of most Esperanto singers?"

That's difficult to say. I guess it's French and Russian. French because the Esperanto music label Vinilkosmo which is located in France has brought many new Esperanto artists; it's director constantly inspires even non-Esperanto artists to record a track or two in that language. Russian because the singer/songwriter tradition is still very important in that country. Nearly all Esperanto music from Russia that I know is from that genre.

The launch of the Brazilian label Suda Kruco can be interpreted as a direct consequence of the thriving Esperanto music scene in Brazil. Therefore, expect more and more Esperanto artists that have Portuguese as their mother tongue.

[User Picture]From: ugly_boy
2003-05-11 09:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the speedy reply! Great info!
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